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Title of article Lead author/ co-authors Title of the periodical or the series Number, date or frequency Publisher Place of publication Year of publication Relevant pages Permanent identifiers* (if available) Is/will open access** provided to this publications? Project partner
Sulfate transporters in the plant's response to drought and salinity: regulation and possible functions. Review Gallardo K; Courty PE; Le Signor C; Wipf D; Vernoud V Front Plant Sci. 2014 Oct 29;5: 580 Frontiers Lausanne, Switzerland 2014 Article 580, pages 1-7 10.3389/fpls.2014.00580 Open access INRA
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Quantitative trait loci associated to drought adaptation in pea (Pisum sativum L.). Iglesias-García R, Prats E, Fondevilla S, Satovic Z, Rubiales D, Plant Molecular Biology Reporter one line first 2015 DOI 10.1007/s11105-015-0872-z. CSIC
AutoFlow, a versatile workflow engine illustrated by assembling an optimised de novo transcriptome for a non-model species, such as faba bean (Vicia faba) Seoane P et al. Special issue of the IWBBIO 2013 in the  Current Bioinformatics journal In press…. IFAPA
Faba bean Duc G. et al "Handbook of Plant Breeding" series In press…. Springer Science and Business Media IFAPA
 Large-scale transcriptome analysis in faba bean (Vicia faba L.) under Ascochyta fabae infection Ocaña et al. Manuscript in preparation IFAPA
Genotype x environment interaction analysis for yield in 3 legume crops at European scale level J. Poslusna, V. Biarnès, C. Lecomte, G. Duc, R. Thompson 2016/2017 Open access CETIOM
Variation for inhibition of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. pisi spore germination by root exudates of Pisum spp. germplasm: role of pisatin M. Bani, A. Cimmino, A. Evidente, D. Rubiales and N. Rispail Plant & Soil journal CSIC
Spatial distribution of aphids and their natural enemies in legume crops grown either solo or intercropped with cereals SEIDENGLANZ, M., HUŇADY, I., HLAVJENKA, V. Plant Protection Science Manuscript in preparation Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences Czech Republic 2016 AGRITEC
Effect of intercropping of legumes with cereals on the levels of damage induced by leaf weevils (Sitona lineatus L.) and on the size of leaf areas SEIDENGLANZ, M., SMÝKALOVÁ, I. Manuscript in preparation 2016 AGRITEC
Jsou luskovinné monokultury více ohroženy hmyzími škůdci než luskovinoobilné směsky SEIDENGLANZ, M. Rostlinolékař (in Czech) submitted in December 2016 ProfiPress Czech Republic 2016 AGRITEC
Genetic control of inflorescence architecture in legumes Benlloch R, Berbel A, Ali L, Gohari G, Millán T, Madueño Frontiers in Plant Sciences 2015 July 21; 6:543  Frontiers Media SA Lausanne, Switzerland 2015 doi: 10.3389/fpls.2015.00543 Open access CSIC
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Hledání zdrojů rezistence proti hmyzím škůdcům u hrachu a bobu. Title of the paper in English: „Looking for sources of resistance against insect pests in field peas and faba bean genotypes”) SEIDENGLANZ, M., HOCHMAN, M., HUŇADY, I. Úroda, Vol. 64, No. 01, 56 - 58. ISSN 0139-6013 published ProfiPress Czech Republic 2016 Vol. 64, No. 01, 56 - 58. ISSN 0139-6013 AGRITEC
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El papel de las leguminosas en las rotaciones de cultivo López-Bellido, L. Vida Rural Julio 416 Eumedia Spain 2016 44-50 UCO

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