Why Legumes ?

Grain legumes (beans, pulses and legume oilseeds) are beneficial for agriculture, environment and human nutrition.

In agriculture and environment

  • Low input crop - as fix atmospheric nitrogen, don't require no nitrogen fertilizers, need little water so generally not irrigated
  • good protein source for feed
  • ideal in crop rotations as increase biodiversity (feed bees), and furnish some N to following crop
  • Low input crop
  • good protein source
  • ideal in crop rotations
  • ideal in crop rotations

In human nutrition

  • healthy protein source - pulses are low in saturated fats and rich in slowly digested carbohydrates and other bio-active factors
  • inexpensive and long shelf life
  • "green" food source, as have low carbon footprint
  • ideal for "back-to-roots" diet - at the basis of most traditional cuisines
  • healthy protein source
  • inexpensive and long shelf life
  • ideal for "back-to-roots" diet